Conflict resilience for churches and charities

All of us come across conflict in our daily lives and in the lives of our organisations.  Times when there are tensions in the differences between us can sap our energy, and dealing with conflicts can consume time and energy that we would rather use for anything else.

Conflict resilience work seeks to build our capacity to deal with these occasions and to help us to stay creative in the midst of the storms of disputes. Conflict transformation seeks to go further and to find ways in which the conflict can be an opportunity for change and growth.

I have come to believe that both these practices are essential in good leaders.  I seek to work with individuals, organisations and communities so that people can both survive and thrive and be able to be hopeful about their future.

I do this in a variety of ways:

  • Accompanying communities in difficult times
  • Coaching leaders who are seeking to improve their general resilience or for specific help with a particular situation.
  • Facilitation of group meetings in times of conflict
  • Mediation between parties where a relationship has broken down
  • Training of leaders and communities to better work with conflict
  • Support for Senior Staff in their day to day work with conflict situations

  • Accompanying